Looking Ahead

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a very strange year. But with all the weirdness and frustration 2016 might have brought, a lot of good also happened. For example, DiCaprio finally got an Oscar, and certain people survived their first university quarter. So this year instead of looking back, I’d like […]

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Diamond in the Rough

  There’s getting up at 5 am, then there’s getting up at 5 am to drive through the desert. When that happens, it’s not just a hobby anymore.   It was the Top Drift Practice run on the Horse Thief mile circuit at the Willow Springs international Raceway.   What I always admired about drifting […]

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Italian Ladies

  Some time ago I attended a Ferrari event at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, in honor of Ferrari’s birthday. This particular event was different for me as a photographer and as an automotive enthusiast.   Being honest, I am not the biggest fan of exotic Italian cars. I really do like Ferrari’s […]

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Slate Grey Hero

Car culture has always had its hero’s. The icons that are strong and timeless. The one’s we look up to. Porsche has always had a stake in that list of hero’s, and machines like the 911 Turbo just refuse to give up. The timeless chassis’ of classic 911’s, such as the 930 turbo, continue to influence […]

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