Looking Ahead

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a very strange year. But with all the weirdness and frustration 2016 might have brought, a lot of good also happened. For example, DiCaprio finally got an Oscar, and certain people survived their first university quarter. So this year instead of looking back, I’d like to look forward, and make a toast to some things we can all appreciate as car enthusiasts. So here we go.



Here’s to the cars we love. Both old and new, for giving us goals and sometimes hope.




Here’s to the cars our friends love, and the rival brands. May the competition continue to keep the passion alive.




Here’s to those early morning meets, and the complimentary bagels. May there be a million more just like them.




Here’s to patience and dedication.  And to all those who inspire us.




And finally. Here’s to those magic moments, the one’s that remind you just how much cars mean to you. Here’s to car culture, for as long as we are alive, it will never die.


Happy holidays to you all, and a happy new year! Bring it on 2017!





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